We've been submitting some of our songs through Taxi to various people in the music business who are seeking original music. Before Taxi will pass a song along it has to be approved by one of their professional music business reviewers. So far none of our songs has been passed along, primarily because they sound "too dated". But in the course of being turned down we've received some very positive comments. On "His Loving ComesSo Easy" various reviewers said 'a good smooth track', 'very nice vocal', 'effective', 'classic '70s country', 'big, dynamic and memorable', 'good country song', 'good country ballad', 'nice music and melody', 'good music/writing'. On "Mustang Man" one reviewer wrote 'retro traditional country song', 'I like the spirit of the song', 'late fifities or early sixties country', 'structure is solid'. On "You're the Only Train" another reviewer wrote 'I like the play on words in this song. It's a good idea overall'. So the message we're getting from these music business professionals is that we write good songs, songs they enjoy, but which don't fit the current market.
The brand new debut release from 7th & Beale titled Crossroads and Highways takes me back to days long ago. Back to the days when couples danced close to the sweet sounds of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. For this album, you’ll want your dancing shoes, your rocking chair and your sweetheart too as the songs written by Stanfield Major and Gilbert Sanchez will take you to many different venues with this collection of original music. The fifth track, "His Loving Comes So Easy," is a great example of a timeless love song. Katherine Stewart shines in the vocal spotlight complemented by the Dobro work of Gilbert Sanchez to bring us a very traditional, country sound. "Ashes in the Rain" takes us to the bluesy side, and Sanchez delivers it with a cool and melancholy demeanor, which comes through in this song drawing parallels between a love lost and the great Chicago fire. Then he'd shake his head in wonder unable to explain how a city that seemed so strong could dwindle down to ashes in the rain ... The ballad "Bill Walker" tells the story of a hired gun with the task of revenge at hand. The time passes quickly, and at last the gunman finds that the job turns his pistol back on the man who hired him. It's a classic tale of double-cross and wild western justice. They pick up the tempo with "If Your Boat’s No Good" and advise just like Momma always did "better be smart and be prepared, only go out in clean underwear." This tune has a fun, toe tappin’ rockabilly sound that’d be my choice for one to get the whole place singin’ along. Crossroads and Highways is a great choice for a more traditional country sound that’s not so easy to find these days. As their debut project, 7th & Beale can be proud of all the hard work, and I expect they will undoubtedly find their niche in this wide world of music.

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